Sustainability & Energy Analytics

We comprehend the complexities your institution encounters when exploring renewable energy options for campus decarbonization. Our in-depth energy data analysis offers a factual framework to guide your energy decisions and strategies. We facilitate partner selection, review contract terms, and oversee project installation to ensure successful outcomes.

Crafting customized energy procurement strategies involves surveying your existing approaches and guiding you through the renewable energy purchase process. This may include RFP development and issuance, Renewable Energy Credits (RECs), responsible carbon credit purchases (offsets), navigating deregulated utility markets with the choice of a third-party supplier, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA).

We conduct a comprehensive review of current on-site or off-site renewable energy and energy project RFPs. Our subject matter experts offer insights at every stage and can assist in managing your vendor selection strategy.

We assess building and energy portfolios, developing strategies that analyze energy efficiency opportunities before considering renewable energy purchases. This process identifies potential Energy Conservation Measures (ECM) to cost-effectively achieve long-term carbon reduction targets.

Regular audits of utility tariffs and rates are crucial for optimizing the rate structure and identifying billing errors in utility invoices. Our core team can assist in negotiating acceptable rate applications with your local utility provider.

We assess existing organizational energy policies to ensure alignment with sustainability objectives and develop a comprehensive policy framework for energy purchase, use, and building. Circadia Group evaluates and summarizes relevant information, keeping you updated on current state, regional, and national energy policies.

We conduct a comprehensive review of your existing Climate Action Plans (CAP) and identify feasible Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs) to establish an achievable plan for progressing toward your net-zero goal. As part of the process, we strategically prioritize ECMs to achieve near-term decarbonization milestones.

To monitor carbon emissions linked to the program, we use either the client’s or Circadia Group’s carbon tracking tool, as requested. This tool guides the plan’s direction, types of Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs), and associated emissions savings. It informs project carbon reductions, offers data inputs, and generates reports on carbon metrics while identifying gaps in the current carbon reduction strategy.

We value strong client relationships.

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