District Energy / Electrification Services

We understand that large-scale district energy programs are complex and require many levels of coordination to implement. We have a proven track record of managing central plant upgrades, geothermal and solar projects, low temperature hot water conversions, mechanical systems upgrades, and control systems optimizations.

Circadia provides a comprehensive peer review of your infrastructure master plan (IMP), addressing gaps, aligning cost estimates with market values, and conducting a feasibility analysis. Our review ensures alignment with your carbon neutrality plan and offers constructive feedback for further coordinated development.

Master plans and large-scale district energy programs demand intricate coordination, and we comprehend the complexity involved. Our team of experts assesses logistics, creating focused, achievable sub-plans for the full campus build-out. Leveraging experience in coordinating hot water building conversions with thermal distribution and geoexchange sites, we develop a strategic plan that optimizes efficiency and minimizes impacts.

Circadia’s engineers and partners strategically assess district energy systems, aligning plant build-out timing with the overall IMP schedule. We identify opportunities to optimize the central plant for energy savings and propose efficient equipment technologies. Our approach evaluates central plant space, conversion logistics to minimize downtime during upgrades, and addresses potential overlooked constraints.

Leveraging our experience, we grasp the challenges and advantages of incorporating geothermal heat exchangers into district energy systems. Various factors impact cost, schedule, and system complexity. We collaborate with clients to provide strategic insights on site planning, assess bore quantities and depths, and address implementation challenges such as site conditions, coordination with building foundations, drilling methods, regulatory compliance, sound mitigation, and installation cost analysis.

Circadia Group assists clients in evaluating diverse solar options. We craft comprehensive solar/PV RFPs to capture the full scope, minimizing change orders and identifying upfront utility incentives. Our team provides guidance on systems aligned with client goals, enabling informed decisions during system selection. Through scorecard assessments of installers and PV system types, we compare pros and cons to facilitate the decision-making process.

We value strong client relationships.

Steam to Hot Water Conversion

Steam to Hot Water Conversion

In 2020, Princeton University embarked on an ambitious endeavor to replace their 100-year-old steam distribution system with a low-temperature hot water district system. The conversion to low-temperature hot water includes converting 110+ buildings, 13 miles of EN253 thermal piping, 3000,

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