Lighting Program Management

Circadia collaborates with clients to plan, develop, and implement lighting programs. Leveraging our expertise in the LED lighting industry, lighting controls, IoT development, and manufacturer products, we ensure clients receive the latest and most reliable solutions. Our focus is on identifying unbiased solutions and products that precisely meet the needs of each space and application.

Circadia collaborates with clients to plan, develop, and implement lighting programs, utilizing expertise in LED lighting, controls, IoT, and manufacturer products. We prioritize delivering the latest and most reliable solutions tailored to meet the specific needs of each space and application.

Our team of expert lighting auditors can review existing IGLAs or create new ones for your institution. Utilizing cutting-edge technologies, we deliver clear and concise audits that facilitate straightforward development into solutions.

Our unbiased design approach involves qualified lighting experts who create and compare tailored lighting upgrade solutions for your specific applications. We consider re-lamp, retrofit, and new fixture options, collaborating with your local lighting ecosystem and facilities teams to standardize controls and fixture types for future-proofing and ease of maintenance. Additionally, we explore rebate initiatives to align the solution with your budget and payback timeline.

As owner’s representatives, we seamlessly integrate with your staff to plan, coordinate, and efficiently manage your lighting program. Engaging with all stakeholders, we delve into your facilities’ unique attributes, addressing decarbonation initiatives, ongoing maintenance, integration with legacy systems, and scheduling or access requirements. A comprehensive understanding of your institution’s operations allows us to seamlessly integrate solutions, minimizing impacts on occupants.

Our subject matter experts ensure comprehensive training for your facilities personnel, provide O&M materials, and confirm the completion of measurement and verification.

We value strong client relationships.

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