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Jadwin Gym, a 6,854-seat multi-purpose arena was upgraded with LED lighting in 2015. The 835 400 watt metal halide fixtures were replaced with 260 watt LED highbay fixtures. The new fixtures increased horizontal and vertical foot candles to NCAA recommended Broadcast levels. The new lighting was designed with mounting brackets that would utilize the existing infrastructure in place reducing overall construction costs and improving the ROI. A wireless control system was paired which allowed for preset lighting scenes, on the fly customization, special effect programming and energy saving settings.

Through a number of consultants and products, this project was designed and redesigned over 7 years prior to our final solution being approved. This project presented monumental installation and timing challenges. The floor structural load limited the type, quantity and placement of aerial lifts to use for installation. Specialty lifts that met the point load tolerances were found and brought in to reach the over 70ft high ceilings. The schedule only allowed for 5 weeks to fabricate and deliver the 800+ fixtures so the manufacturer added another assembly line in their plant to meet the schedule. In addition, the lights had to be installed in the 2.5 month summer window prior to the start of the Basketball Season all of which was accomplished, finishing 1 week early.

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